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media relation and press office services


press office

  • media communication plan

  • selection and arrangement of informational materials

  • press-kit setup

  • editing of press releases

  • delivery of press releases and press-kit

  • follow-up and media relations



  • selection and preparation of the location

  • selection and setup of informational materials

  • direct contact with the mass media and journalists

  • delivery of invitations with dedicated platform

  • management of the accounts for press

  • post-event press releases editing and delivery

  • other services (hostess, catering, entertainment etc.)



  • selection and preparation of the location

  • organizing secretary

  • ghostwriting

  • invitations management with dedicated platform

  • reception of guests and management of the accounts

  • other services (hostess, catering, moderator etc.)


press office

  • spokesman service + 24/7 press officer

  • press conferences organization

  • moderation for debates, discussions, negotiations

  • contacts with public authorities, unions, stakeholders

  • public opinion management

  • strategic ghostwriting

  • proactive communication

  • transfer of know-how

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